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Annabel Lee's Ghost Doll will haunt you forever

Ravensbreath Ghost Orphans

Annabel Lee the Ghost Doll by Ravensbreath

The Annabel Lee doll to own

Annabel's the Ogre's Eyeball

Annabel Lee has a secret pouch where she keeps the Ogre's Eyeball, a magical charm that wreaks havoc wherever she takes it. The EYE hangs from a silk thread so one can wear it as a necklace. But beware, the Ogre's Eyeball has mysterious and dangerous powers. Ask those who've been singed!

Annabel in her 'Deathday suit'

Ravensbreath patch on Annabel doll's sack with her name scribbled on

This is the patch Annabel sewed onto her doll's traveling sack.
All dolls come with the patch.

Annabel Lee Ghost Doll compared to her little clay doll version, from Ravensbreath

Example of how much bigger the ghost children's rag dolls are next to the original
7-inch wee ones (also see in the video).

Annabel ghost doll in her distressed and singed traveling sack with handmade card

Ready to go. Here is how Ravensbreath ghost dolls are sent to you the living world. (sacks may vary)

A message card accompanies her and is singed by the Ogre's Eyeball talisman.

Be sure to visit Annabel Lee's page to find out more about her.

And see her come alive in the bogey monster film right here.


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Annabel Lee will haunt you forever.


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