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Molly's Ghost Doll will haunt you forever

Ravensbreath Ghost Orphans

Molly the ghost doll by Ravensbreath

Molly ghost doll.
One like this can be made for you.

Here she is, Molly's happy silly ghost doll, the image of Molly herself. Molly's doll has everything Molly would have including critter friends.
Molly's ghost doll is quite grimy due to dragging it into mouldy holes and down slimy wells looking for new playmates. Of course Annabel's Ogre's Eyeball singeing it only adds to the mess.


Molly's ghost doll next to Bechamel the bee

You can see Molly's worm friends on her shoulder. She made a bow tie for Anton and beret for Pierre. In the left corner is B├ęchamel, Toby's naughty bee, always escaping his cage and running off to work the fields and flowers, worrying poor Toby to pieces.
Click on B├ęchamel to see him closeup.


Molly ghost doll with bug friends

Molly makes clothes for some of her critter friends.

Molly signed and dated on back

Molly is signed and dated on the back.


Molly the ghost doll in the grass


Here she is resting in the grass with her friends. Usually she plays in the damp dark dungeon.

Molly in her grungy travelling sack

Her travelling sack with Ravensbreath patch and message card that has been singed by Annabel, like everything else at the castle.


Molly the Ghost Doll by Ravensbreath

Be sure to visit Molly's page to find out more about her.

And see her come alive in the bogey monster film right here.


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Molly will haunt you forever


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