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Tinker's Ghost Doll will haunt you forever

Ravensbreath Ghost Orphans

Tinker the fix-it boy's, Ravensbreath ghost doll

Tinker the fix-it boy ghost doll.
He can make one like this for you.


Tinker the ghost doll's unruly curly-whirlys

Tinker's unruly curly-whirlys (his tentacle hand) get him in lots of trouble, but then sometimes they save the day.


Tinker the fix-it boy ghost doll

Tinker is a sweet and kind wee Scottish lad, as long as he doesn't get too stressed.

Tinker the ghost doll is signed and dated on back

Tinker is signed and dated on the back.


Tinker the ghost doll's handy tool bagTinker the ghost's shears


Here are some of Tinker's fix-it tools. He sometimes repairs the ghost children who are falling apart, but not with these tools.


Tinker the ghost doll


Tinker the ghost doll's grungy travelling sack

Tinker and his travelling sack with Ravensbreath patch and message card that has been singed like everything else.


Tinker the fix-it boy ghost doll by Ravensbreath

Be sure to visit Tinker the fix-it boy's page to find out more about him.

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Tinker will haunt you forever


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