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We've been forgotten. She was writing our story so the Living would read it and know we are here and save us. She came each day and asked us questions and wrote down everything we said to try to help us. But then she stopped coming. Why? She knows we are fading away. We're ghosts after all. That's why we make dolls of ourselves so that she and others can see us.

Where is she?

Molly says she couldn't have forgotten us. She thinks something has happened to her. But I think she has grown tired of us. After all, we are nine old and tattered ghost children who have been prisoners in this mouldy castle for so long. No one knows we're here or that we ever lived. We will never leave this frightening place, I just know it. And no one will come help us because Ravensbreath Island is bewitched and hidden, so we are doomed doomed doomed.


I do hope she comes back. I don't want to fade away like I never was.





Annabel Lee, Ghost girl of Ravensbreath Castle

Ravensbreath raven

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