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Annabel Lee and her brother Percy. The first ghost orphans of Ravensbreath Castle

The Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle are the children of Ravenbreath Island, a story set in a haunted castle in and enchanted world, by M Leigh Allan.** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

Annabel Lee & Percy, the first Haunted Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle

Ghost children, Annabel Lee & brother Percy


In the beginning there was Annabel Lee.

Soon after she coaxed her brother Percy from the shadows.

They were the first of the nine ghost orphans to reveal themselves.

Haunted ghost children, Annabel Lee & Percy

It was from then the story and dolls began to evolve in words and clay.

These were the first images of any of the ghost children.

I'm Annabel Lee first ghost of Ravensbreath Castle
Annabel Lee started it.

She introduced herself then eventually the other 8 ghosts came along,
though reluctantly.

Annabel Lee & Percy the ghost children. Annabel the drama queen

Percy hated playing his sister's silly games.

ghosts Annabel Lee & Percy
He preferred reading books and spending time with Boris, his pet zombie beetle.

Books and Boris the zombie beetle

Haunted ghost children of Ravensbreath Castle, Annabel Lee & Percy

There is much more to Annabel, Percy and all the ghost children's story.


They will haunt you forever




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