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Baby's Ghost Doll will haunt you forever

Ravensbreath Ghost Orphans

BABY Ghost Doll sitting from Ravensbreath
Who cannot love this face?
Molly helped Baby sew Baby's ghost doll which was quite brave considering we are talking about Baby the little stinker. Baby's doll has gone the way of all Ravensbreath ghost dolls - to haunt their new owner forever.
I do hope the owner knows what she let herself in for.

BABY Ghost Doll from Ravensbreath
BABY Ghost Doll sack - from Ravensbreath
Baby and the grungy travelling sack with the Ravensbreath patch sewn on by Molly.
Ignore the brown worm gut stains.

BABY Ghost Doll in fermented stinky nappy from Ravensbreath
Here Baby sits in a fermented stinky nappy. You can almost smell it can't you?
See how Baby's thumb is sucked right down to the bone!!! Baby likes to switch from dummy to thumb. Gooo gooo.

BABY Ghost Doll with dummy and travelling bag from Ravensbreath
Baby doll with dummy, waving bye bye.
Baby's clothes are torn and stained with two centuries of rat guts, blood, soot, mud, beetle barf and of course singed by Annabel's evil Ogre's Eyeball. That girl wreaks havoc wherever she goes.

Spidy of Ravensbreath Castle
Spidy the spider stows away on Baby. It wanted to see America but couldn't get a passport.

BABY Ghost Doll in bonnet from Ravensbreath
Bonnet on, big smile and an overloaded nappy.
Baby's baby doll is ready to travel.
Ravensbreath GHOST DOLL tag

BABY's Baby ghost doll is for collectors of unusual handmade cloth dolls.
It is signed and dated on the back.

Like the others Baby arrives in a grunged travel bunting sack with Ravensbreath patch. A message card accompanies Baby and is tattered and singed like everything else in the castle.


Be sure to visit Baby's page to find out more about what makes Baby Baby.

And see Baby come alive in the bogey monster film right here.


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Baby will haunt you forever



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