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Ratgirl's Ghost Doll will haunt you forever

Ravensbreath Ghost Orphans

(Ratgirl) Princess Gweena Madalaine

Ratgirl ghost doll by Ravensbreath

Ratgirl ghost doll by Ravensbreath
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Ratgirl doll to own

You see Ratgirl's steely glare? She has never forgiven Annabel for attacking her with the Ogre's Eyeball, even if it was a so called accident. And singeing her beautiful clothes on top of it! And of course her mouth sewn shut is unspeakable! No wonder she refuses to speak to anyone, and when she does it's only in French!


Ratgirl, Ravensbreath ghost girl


Ratgirl doll, Ravensbreath ghost girl

Here is another version of Ratgirl doll Gweena made.


Ratgirl ghost doll Ravensbreath


Ratgirl ghost doll back

She is signed and dated on the back.

Ratgirl signed and dated on back

Ratgirl's antiqued travelling sack

This is Ratgirl's grungy traveling sack and Ravensbreath patch. A message card accompanies her and is singed along with most everything else by you-know-who, and I don't mean Voldemort


Be sure to visit Ratgirl's page to find out more about her.

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Ratgirl will haunt you forever


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