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Ravensbreath Ghost Orphans

We are cloth Ghost Dolls by Ravensbreath, Annabel Lee, Baby and Ratgirl

Annabel Lee the Ghost Doll by Ravensbreath


Annabel lee ghost doll


Baby Ghost doll of Ravensbreath


Baby ghost dollBaby ghost

Baby the Ravensbreath Ghost Doll sucks dummy


Ratgirl ghost doll


Ratgirl's lips sewed up by Annabel Lee using magic


Ratgirl Ravensbreath ghost doll in the plum tree blossoms


Ratgirl ghost doll close


Ratgirl Ravensbreath ghost doll eye




Annabel Lee Ghost girl Doll, from Ravensbreath


Baby haunted ghost doll of Ravensbreath


Ratgirl ghost girl of Ravensbreath ghost doll


Ratgirl ghost doll with card and travelling sack, from Ravensbreath


Two ghost dolls enemies, Annabel Lee and Ratgirl from Ravensbreath


Annabel Lee ghost doll of Ravensbreath Island


Annabel Lee ghost orphan child and ghost doll of Ravensbreath


Baby ghost with sack Ravensbrath


Ratgirl ghost child of Ravensbreath


Ravensbreath ghost dolls are sent in their custom made travelling sack.
(sacks may vary)

A message card accompanies each doll and is singed by the Ogre's Eyeball talisman.

All dolls are signed and dated.

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Collect all 9 limited original handmade
Ghost Orphan Ghost Dolls in 2 styles

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